View From the Top: John McCain


NTT Data, based in Tokyo, Japan, is part of NTT Group, one of the world’s largest technology companies with more than $100 billion in revenues. NTT Data pulls in about $14 billion in annual revenue. With more than 25 years of history under its belt, the company has offices across the United States. When it came time to find a home for the North American division, NTT Data chose North Texas. As CEO of the North American division, based in Plano, John McCain oversees roughly 22,000 employees—with about 12,000 of those individuals in India and the rest in the U.S. and Canada. That made DFW’s central location  and easy travel two strong appeals. 

Why was Dallas-Fort Worth the right place for your division?
First and foremost is workforce—access to the kind of talent we need to run our business and support our clients is second to none. Second would be that we love the central location within North America to travel to the coasts or the Midwest, but also from an international standpoint. We go around the world on a regular basis, and DFW International Airport allows us to do that about as easily as you can do it. Third, from an employee perspective, the overall quality of life. There’s a great university system, Mayor Harry LaRosiliere here in Plano is pro-business, and it’s a great cost of living for a major metropolitan area.
Once you narrowed it down to DFW, why was Plano the right spot?
Prior to us establishing North Dallas as our North American headquarters, I was running a company called Keane, which is based in Boston. When NTT Data acquired Keane, I put into consideration the opportunity for us to relocate. Part of my plan was to be more centrally located. We love the DFW area for workforce access, so we set up shop here in Plano. We’ve had three offices here in Plano since we’ve been here. Every time we set up an office, we outgrow it in nine months.  
Where are your employees choosing to live?
A lot of North Dallas—the Plano, Allen, McKinney, Frisco area covers the vast  majority, although we have several reverse commuters who live in the Park Cities. This is a great location—very good school systems in all those places. With no traffic and no rain, you’re about 22 minutes to downtown, and it’s about the same to DFW Airport. That’s a really short commute compared to any other major metropolitan area. Being at the crossroads of State Highway 121 and the Dallas North Tollway, if you draw a circle with a radius of about two miles, there’s $7 billion of development going on up here, I think. So we’re in the heart of it. 
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