Investing in the Region Helps Leaders Give Back

Jackson-Shaw's Michele Wheeler has discovered that leadership is about learning from others.

As a frontrunner in the world of Dallas real estate, Michele Wheeler has always had an eye for development. Mentored by her real estate/broker mother, Wheeler learned the ropes at a young age. Today, she is president and COO of Jackson-Shaw, a national real estate development company. 

But the graduate of The Real Estate Council’s 2000 Associate Leadership Council (ALC) program credits her experience with ALC for helping develop interpersonal communication skills—specifically, putting time into building strong relationships. 

“I learned about making an investment in the city and paying it back to the place we all live, work, and love,” she says. “I invested more time into the program, so I received more reward from it.” 

Many of the relationships Wheeler formed during ALC led to other opportunities. Since graduating from the program, she has served on the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Dallas board and participated in education initiatives in Oak Cliff. 

Wheeler felt called to further devote herself to the ALC program, donating her time as chairman and now serving on the advisory board for The Real Estate Council. She says she’s always looking for ways to make ALC better and “constantly looking for people who would benefit from the program.” 

“ALC gives young leaders valuable insight into what really makes Dallas a great city, and how they have a social and moral obligation to pay it back and pay it forward,”  Wheeler says. “It was the most meaningful volunteer activity that I’ve ever been involved with, and I’ve done a lot of charitable endeavors. From a professional standpoint, ALC was the one program that has been instrumental to me.”