A High-Impact Experience

HFF’s Trey Morsbach says TREC’s ALC program helped him blend business with leadership.

Dallas native Trey Morsbach has always held a passion for finance and real estate. After graduating from Texas A&M University in 1992, not even a downturn in the economy could stop him from moving back to Dallas and breaking into the industry. Today, as senior managing director, Morsbach co-runs the Dallas operations of capital markets powerhouse HFF.

A graduate of The Real Estate Council’s 2000 Associate Leadership Council program, Morsbach credits his ALC project benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of East Dallas for helping him to develop his leadership and team-building skills. “What we were able to accomplish could not have been done with one person,” he says. “That is still relevant to me today, because that is how we run our business.” 

His participation in the ALC program led him to become more heavily involved in TREC, Morsbach says. Since graduating from the ALC program, he has gone on to serve TREC in a number of ways, including chairing both FightNight and the Giving Gala and serving on the organization’s executive board for a total of 10 years. 

Through the ALC, The Real Estate Council hopes to enhance its member companies and the wider community. “That’s the meat of it,” Morsbach says. “TREC is exposing people to the ALC program and the city, but it wants them to be involved as leaders in their own organization, too. That is an important byproduct of the ALC program.”

Morsbach is proud to say that HFF has filled a spot in the ALC program nearly every year since his own graduation in 2000. The program alum encourages emerging business leaders—not just HFF employees—to participate in ALC and get involved in TREC. 

Founded in the mid-1990s, the ALC is a leadership development program for commercial real estate professionals who are 27 to 37 years old. 


“ALC opened up my eyes to things that I was not focused on,” Morsbach says. “I learned about the strengths and weaknesses of our city. It gave me a lens to think of the things that are important to the city and how the city is run. It was a very impactful experience.”