Placemaking in Dallas Fort Worth

Placemaking in Dallas Fort Worth

Placemaking in Dallas Fort Worth



A TRANSFORMATION IS UNDERWAYin North Texas, where the mixed-use movement has taken hold with a vengeance. Massive, city-sized projects are springing up in the suburbs, and towering downtown office buildings—some that have stood vacant for a decade or more—are finding new life with added retail, apartment, and hotel components.

Dallas-Fort Worth’s placemaking mirrors its risk taking-ethos, says Scott Polikov, president of Gateway Planning Group.

“Cities and developers are willing to try new approaches to an old craft—the art of neighborhood design,” - Scott Polikov

In this special package, we showcase the wide diversity of mixed-use projects across the region, and share the perspectives of some of the experts who have helped bring them to life. It’s a process that’s not for the faint of heart, says Barry Hand, studio director and senior associate at Gensler: “Those engaged in it are building some of our next great civic and neighborhood spaces, while realizing great value for all involved.”

Dallas-Fort Worth is a relatively new metropolitan area. It’s experiencing robust population growth and continuing to win major corporate expansions and relocations. For these reasons and more, mixed-use development here should continue, Hand says. “Texans are bold, and there will be countless opportunities to compose, reshape, and refi ne many areas into those coveted and sought-after memorable places that tie the community to particular neighborhoods and districts.”

Other stories in this package include:

- Perspectives on Placemaking 

- The Evolution of Mixed-Use

- Mixing it up: A Roundtable Discussion

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